10 Most Fashionable/Stylish Men In Kaduna – 2018

Kaduna Top 10 Fashionable men are those  who constantly appear dapper and well put together both online and offline. The men who make looking good look easy. 

These are the 2018 Fashionable/stylist  men  according to JUDITH Caleb’s Blog 

  1. Gabriel Rymboxx  ( @rymboxx) is a Kaduna Based Gospel Artist with songs like “ I no fit pay”, Yabo and Nagode. He’s a clean living guy who avoids drugs and always comes up with his own style. Rymboxx loves basketball, and shoes 

  1. Ijudigal Isaac. (@grahfix) smart, polite & charming guy with  an amazing lean and muscular body. We are constantly wowed by his Instagram photos. Currently living in Cyprus 

3. Mona ( @Supreme6ix) Award-Winning Model. Mona is a fineeee MAN. He is charming, sexy, cute & young. We miss his curls.😁

  1. Sahmien.. He is one of our favorite Fashion Designers in Kaduna and a prove that God has blessed Kaduna State. He’s the Hottest, sexiest, coolest  Fashion designer lol! 😁 and got  the most beautiful eyes.His clothing-line MMK by Sahmien ( Me and my Kaftan) takes our breath away… Maddddd Talent!! 

  1. Abubakar Oyewale (@abuwale) We’ve made series of posts  this year about Abubakar, so he is not new here😁. He is a creative director With 👉🏻  “Adams everything” when you need someone to bring out your fashion ideas to life, he is definitely your guy… Cool Guy!! 

  1. Abel Olu (@ikilledcain) Abel is a young handsome man with a mind blowing fashion sense. His photos on the gram are always on point.. Somebody! Please hook us up with his photographer 😁👌🏻

7. Bobai G Victor ( @3reecrepublican) is A sexy Man.. sorry, we are using the word “sexy” a lot lol! But these men are just so damn FINE😁 anyway, 3reec Boss is always looking dapper, calm  and Cool… He is the CEO of the Clothing Brand 3REECRepublic. We love his style and designs. 

8. King Bawa (@Yungkheengz) He is absolutely Gorgeous, good looks. “He is North” 😁. We love his style of music, determination and consistency.. oh! And his Shoe game 👌🏻👌🏻🔥

9. Dj Abba (@dj_abba_ ) This guy is the whole package from the looks to the style to the body 🙂 and his personality will hit you off as soon as you see him… Guys! No need for justification. Just look at the way he Carries himself. Y’all Dj Ab attitude is on a whole new level. 

10. Abrahim Sani (@aiibee_aiibee) CEO of Aiibee Apparel Nigeria. A Clothing brand making waves 🌊  Aiibee is a Cute, intelligent guy.. we heard  some Girls fought because of him this year… 😁😁! 

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