10 Love Questions with Menxee


1. Whats your favorite love song? 


A number of songs come to mind, by both local and international artistes. However, I’m going to crown “Lost in Space” by Mün featuring my ‘saucey’ self 😉 for this one.

2. Which love song makes you happy 


Again many come to mind because of my love for love songs, but I’ll put this one on “Crawl” by Chris Brown.

3. Whats the craziest thing you’ve done for love


Here’s the gist: There was a misunderstanding. She got mad and I got mad. She left and I followed after trying to make her see reason. Actually screaming her name while running after her as she was already far ahead.

Finally caught up with her but she still wouldn’t stop. She stopped a “keke” and got in and I followed. “Keke” man started moving smh. I kept begging till almost half the journey when things fell apart like Chinua Achebe. I alighted and trekked back.

PS: It was late.

4. What is the weirdest or funniest thing to ever happen to you on stage


Omg! So I was invited to perform at an event held in Kaduna State University during my undergraduate days. It was a Sunday by the way. I was all hyped and ready to turn the place up jamming my latest single then – “Village Love” with all the ginger and energy courtesy of Sunday rice (shout out to mama).

I was called up on stage and then it happened. The song was playing but I wasn’t. I forgot my lines, the very lines I wrote with my own brain and hand. Wow!

5. Whats the most romantic thing you’ve done for someone? 


I’m going to make a song about this!

6. Describe your love life in 3 words 


Single and Saucy!!! 😋😋😋

7. For our readers who have never heard your music, explain your sound in 5 words


Clean. Passion. Truth. Vibe. Goosebumps.

8. Tell us about SAUCE 😁


Sauce is my first single since joining Ryt Path.Co 

It features Eazy Bob Wizzy and Limoblaze and was produced by my saucy self lol.

The song talks about how I have gotten bigger and better in my art compared to how and where I used to be. It points out how the positive changes have now become visible and this is the sauce. However, the song also points to the truth that every achievement is as a result of God’s grace, and for every Sauce I now have, God is the Source.

  1. As a producer, how would you describe your creative process?


I’m a big fan of originality. That being stated, I put in a lot of effort, heart and time whenever I set out to create music. 

For me, it goes beyond just ‘knacking’ kicks and snares, 808s and hats et cetera. Paying attention to detail, vibe and sound quality are keys I press daily in my producer life.

10. What’s next after SAUCE? Any shows? An album? Tell us EVERYTHING!!!


I like the element of surprise so I’ll keep y’all guessing for now!! 😁😁😁

Connect with Menxee:

Fb: Facebook.com/KingMenxee

Twitter and I.G: @KingMenxee

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